Corporate News
Wang Mingmin of NGB Lab Received the Honorable title of 'software industry pacesetter' [2013-07-22]
Shanghai CA held its first meeting of the Workers Congress [2013-07-22]
MAUPMC Patent Application made Further Progress [2013-07-22]
NGB Lab Received the 'High-tech Company' Certificate from from the STCSM [2013-07-22]
Shanghai CA Completes Preparation for Municipal SASAC's Business Exchange Platform [2013-07-22]
Leaders from SHCIQ Visits E&P to Investigate its Informatization Progress [2013-07-22]
Leaders from Major Chinese Cities Investigated the Progress of Shanghai's E-port [2013-07-22]
Project to Upgrade the Shanghai Education Broadband Network Officially Started [2013-07-22]
Symposia Regarding Shipping Center Web Portal Progress was Successfully held [2013-07-22]
CA Held its Fifth Board of Directors' Third Meeting [2013-07-22]
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