"All-Purpose Single Certificate for Legal Entity" www.962699.com Officially Online [2013-03-04]
E&P International Online Service System Project Receives Support from Special Fund [2013-03-04]
SIP wins the bid to the Right to a Optical Fiber Construction Project [2013-03-04]
E&P's Project to Implement Usage of Electronic Documentation Makes Progress [2013-03-04]
One of NGB Lab's Patent Applications is Approved [2013-03-04]
Shanghai Information Investment Inc. Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with UnionPay [2013-02-27]
Official Launch of NGB Lab’s TV Portal Platform [2013-02-27]
Shanghai E&P to Start Platform Test Run [2013-02-27]
NGB Lab Receives ISO9001:2008 Certificate for its Quality Management System [2013-02-27]
NGB Lab Confirms to be Approved to be a Shanghai Municipal High-Tech Company [2013-02-27]
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